About Us

This is an era of exciting changes when it comes to health care. New services, technologies, and innovations are changing lives. Many ideas are playing prominent role in transforming the way we look at health care services that are cordially providing positive outcomes for patients and businesses. We at “Doktorspride” are standing at the edge of this transformation where we are striving to provide an empowering force with the agility to create a collaborative platform with between various healthcare businesses in maintaining a supply chain structure that is cost-efficient, responsive to procurement needs and does not compromise on the desirable quality.


What we do:

We are building an essential network of connections to provide with the idea of “Savings through Collaboration”. Our business model is paving the way to make cost-effectiveness a reality and this structure is extended to different health care providers working with us. This structure enables us to do so by consolidating the volumes in the purchases of our customer and also by making positive negotiations with the community of manufacturers who have set ups which cater to segment leading pharmaceutical, consumable and surgical manufacturers. We are helping all health service providers navigate into the evolving landscapes of reality while providing them with the possibilities, helping them in decision making that would seem fit. Our clients have had visible impacts on their services with our help.

  •   Our direct supply hub ensures an indispensable partnership with various healthcare organizations
  •   Our high management skills let us connect and interact with our member where we can improve through our mutual learning curve.
  •   Our strategies and solutions are always at our client’s disposal which can address any situation without fail.
  •   Our aim is to collect market-driven insights and convert them into resources that would strengthen our services by anticipating every possible scenario.
  •   Our reliability is constant and our innovations aren’t monotonous.
  •   Our business aims to multiply the number of members involved and increase the margins of profitability by boosting our prioritized stakeholders.

  •   To avail savings: DoktorsPride will provide their clients with a structure that would create savings by cost cuts, simultaneously providing services to their customers without compromising on their qualities.
  •   Building vendor relation: Maintaining a healthy relationship with vendors with the management skills provided from us to our clients will help them run their services without any failure.
  •   Robust tech and procurement system: Our clients are being provided with our aid to use robust tech and procurement system that cuts down on the redundancies.
  •   Data confidentiality and privacy: In this age of privacy exploitation, we value our client’s privacy and confidentiality.
  •   Long-term benefits of demand: Client demands are to be met and our services align to their needs along with benefits that run through the supply chain.
  •   Inventory management: Our services cover everything and with our proficiency in inventory management, we offer our clients with quality management skills.

The possibilities are endless and the optimism that encompasses our goals can only fall under the positive development of our services. Our clients are offered with a promise and that promise branches out as a sincere effort that strengthens our relationship with the clients and further striving for the best.


Our earnest Vision

Our business wouldn’t be at such a great height if we have not implemented our work ethics and ideas into its practicality. So, with the availability of the quality services from our end, our clients will find their requirements full filled. Our efforts are visible and the way we nurture our client’s needs can only give everyone a prospect to provide innovations on the go. We don’t improvise, we aim and we deliver with a full expectancy of it being satisfactory. Our volumes are always being consolidated by our members that are distributed across the procurement verticals.